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Ridl Construction is a medium sized construction company primarily involved in the construction of high-end residential buildings. Ridl Construction was founded in 2006 and has grown from strength to strength to become an industry leader in the home building sector.

Ridl Construction differentiates itself from its competitors by being well rounded in all aspects of the building profession. While some of our competitors may achieve a similar standard of work, others may be cheaper, and there may be builders who are faster-  Ridl Construction sets itself apart by balancing all aspects of a construction project.

Through a well-developed project management approach to building projects, we are able to deliver the highest possible standard of building work at a competitive price, within a reasonable time. A core facet of our approach is a commitment to our contract with our client. We ensure that our obligations are met and ensure effective communication with other project stakeholders in order to integrate inputs for a successful result.

“I can honestly say that from our first meeting we were thoroughly impressed with the quality of your workmanship, professionalism and integrity. The end result is that my home has surpassed my expectations and your company has been an absolute pleasure to work with.” Simon Dix- homeowner.

Ridl Construction is committed to creating value for all project stakeholders. This encompasses the clients, professionals, suppliers, subcontractors and our own staff. A value chain is achieved through the fair and proper treatment of all stakeholders. We have cultivated a culture of ethical business whereby suppliers and subcontractors are paid timeously and fairly for the work they have done. Pursuant to achieving a high quality product, stakeholders are kept well informed of the quality requirements on a project and are expected to maintain the highest standards in their fields. The result is that we have an impeccable credit record and receive great loyalty from our clients, suppliers, subcontractors and staff.

Building Heritage

Walter Ridl founded W.L. Ridl Construction in 1956 in Westville, KZN. His son Peter worked in the business for some time before joining Stevenson Construction which was later amalgamated to become Group 5 Construction. Peter Ridl served as a Managing Director of Group 5 Construction for over two decades and guided the company to become the major industry stakeholder it is today. 

Both Walter and Peter Ridl were presidents of the Master Builders association. Lance Ridl, (son of Peter) was fortunate enough to be mentored by Peter who served as a director of Ridl Construction Swaziland until his unfortunate passing in 2013. This long family history in the building industry engenders a huge amount of passion, commitment and heart to the leadership of the business.

Leading Innovation

We are constantly innovating with new and exciting products.

On House Ges Frans at the top of a mountain in Swaziland, we were unable to efficiently transport bricks to the top of the hill. The solution: Build the entire structure of a steel core and pack it with concrete. The result: A successful build on an impossible site in very difficult conditions.

On Lot 526 with similarly difficult conditions, we adopted a system of Hydraform blocks which were manufactured on site and made use of the excellent soils on the site.

At House Gahagan, we plastered the walls with a projection plaster called “One Coat” by Saint Gobain. This provided one of the most spectacularly flawless plastering jobs that can be achieved. While the learning curve was steep and the school fees high, we have perfected the art and have incorporated the method into our mainstream construction process.

At Fordoun Farm Village, we pioneered a hydronic underfloor heating system that was fueled by a flue boiler attached to the fireplace. Other innovations at Fordoun included new self-leveling screeds, uPVC high efficiency windows, the construction of curtain rails, built in cupboards and furniture with simple plumbing pipe; as well as the construction of concrete kitchen counters with a sublime resin based finish.

After completing training in Germany, under the guidance of Lance Ridl, we have completed a number of photo voltaic systems and have built a number of lodges that run entirely off grid.

We have developed a keen interest in green technologies and there are few builders in the industry with as keen a knowledge in green building and green building technologies.

Ridl Construction (Pty) Ltd. is employing Lean Construction practices on our projects to create a better environment for our employees and partners, and deliver better value to our customers.

Ridl Construction (Pty) Ltd.
Winners of two awards in the Master Builders Building Excellence Awards 2015
1st Place- Residential Projects Exceeding Three Million Rand: House Dix, Mount Verde
1st Place- Special Projects: Fordoun Farm Village, Nottingham Road
Ridl Construction Receiving the Award at the Master Builders Excellence Awards 2015